Dongguan Wingteng Packaging Material Co.,Ltd.

Address:Changan Science Park, Yongan, Henggang,, industrial zone,, head industrial zone, Dongguan

    Dongguan City Wingteng packaging material Co., Ltd. is founded by the Wingteng group in December 5, 1998 Wingteng Dongguan packaging material factory Wingteng adhesive factory in March 26, 2015 to change the name and become. Factory is located in the heart of the Pearl River Delta - Dongguan Changan Town, Xinan Henggang Industrial Zone, Dongguan Changan International Hotel (800 meters), south of the Guangzhou Shenzhen high-speed entrance (900 meters), the transportation is convenient.
    The company has 18 years of development experience, the company set research and development, production and sales. The company has more than 60 protective film formula, suitable for PE, PP, PET, BOPP and other substrates. Fixed belt formula, can replace 3M, Nitto fixed tape, Mara tape formula and replace 3M, Nitto Mara tape. Double sided tape formulation, can replace the 3M 467#, 468#, 9448#, 9080#, 9472#, 9741#, 9070#, 4945#, 4920#, 4914#, 4941#, 4229P #, 4218#, 4211#, 5838#, 311F, 5112C, 7982MP, 7953MP, 7956MP, 7959MP, 7953MP, 7956MP, 7959MP etc., the company 3908T fixed tape formulation designed instead of fixed Nitto tape. Nitto fixed tape made great international market. The main production and operation of the company: license Yongan protective film series: PE protective film, pet protective film, PE anti electrostatic protective film, antistatic pet protective film, OPP protective film, auto protection film, a variety of special material protective film; industrial double-sided tape; fixed tape, Mara tape, high temperature tape (finger), film switch double-sided adhesive, glue and adhesive series. The company is the production of protective film in Dongguan film tape, double-sided tape, Mara tape the earliest and maximum business. Company with modern management system. Use ISO9001, 2000 quality system operation, has a adhesive tape, adhesive, paint research and development of chemical engineering and engineering professional team. Make Yongan brand become China's famous brand. The company products are sold in America, Germany, Australia and other countries and regions, more than 60. My company's long-term cooperation customers: Gree, Galanz, Philips, VTech, Flextronics, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Nokia, TCL, HTC, Shinco, beauty, BYD, Volkswagen, BMW Group, FAW Group, SAIC, Haier, Foxconn and other more than one hundred well-known enterprises. The company has long-term stability of customers and brokers, from 2003 the company annual output value of more than one hundred million yuan. Become a special adhesive industry leader.
    Wingteng brand products have been widely used in the Aerospace Satellite, automotive industry, mobile phone industry, electronics industry, packaging industry, home appliances industry, etc.. Future wing group of painstaking research and development of new technology, people-oriented, continue to make breakthroughs, win glory for the motherland, and to fill the complete technical responsibility. Company to break the good formula not Gaiden principle, a meeting of all the shareholders in the company a through: providing a formula for the enterprise, break the enterprises do not have a technology to do business problems, provide enterprises with 3M, Nitto, enterprise competitiveness. Help enterprise to start plant and provide whole plant equipment formulation technology and training to produce the whole set of personnel. The products of Chinese enterprises with 3M, Nitto products bimei. As the world market leader and competitors. This is also the wish of the people of Yongan.
    Wingteng group has 18 years experience in R & D, sound formulation development senior engineer Dr. team, dedicated to helping businesses set up factories and provide training formula and equipment and a full set of production personnel. Make China adhesive industry become the world leader.